Wednesday, July 16, 2008

AVT clinic

The Alabama Ear Institute sponsers a mentoring program for up and coming AVTs. Each summer they bring in these aspiring AVTs to do training modules for one week, and then perform live therapy sessions the following week in which the student AVTs are then graded by the certified therapists. Each year we are asked to bring the kids in for a "therapy" session. Brook was happy to see the kitchen (so domestic) and Gage was glad to see the chalk board he could draw on. I recruited my dad who recently retired (oh, I bet he regrets that on a day like today! haha)and he's not very experienced with the actual therapy itself. I told him prior to going in that they were students learning to teach kids like mine, and that's basically it. We went our seperate ways...I with Brook and he with Gage and when "class" was out an hour later he could be found sprinting down the hall to freedom. He exclaimed "they made me work in there, they asked me questions and made me do it all too!!" Woops, forgot to mention that AVT requires participation from the adults too. Oh well, he came smarter than he went in I guess and he also noted that Gage could read a whole lot better than he expected. Um, wonder if he'll go with me next year?

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