Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's Fireworks for the Fourth

Okay, the little pyrotechnic expert is ready to rock! I had to force him to purchase some "pretty" fireworks, since all he wanted was whistlers/bottle rockets, typical boy. He walks up to the counter and surprisingly a little granny behind there asked what he wanted and he said "I want LOUD STUFF!" She said that's what she like too and we left with a bag full of firworks. Hide your lighters people, we have a little boy, ready to EXPLODE with excitement, check out his processor...he's ready for Friday.
And not to leave Miss Priss out, but she's not into decorating her processor for the fourth, she's still sporting the decorated coils sometimes, depends on her mood! One day she wants them plain, then she wants them decorated. Women can be so moody.

Somedays she wants attention, somedays she doesn't. You can barely see them when she takes her decorations off.


Laurie said...

Your kids are so cute! I love the way their processors look!

Have a Happy 4th!

mishkazena said...

I like how Gage's processor is decorated. Very patriotic!

I am curious. Is this painted or taped on the processor? Or is it packaged like that, straight from the manufacturer?

Val said...

they are from Cochlear, you can get all kinds of different stickers. Some are football theme, some are rainbows, many more.

Christian's Mommy said...


Can he be any more of a BOY? I can definitely see my little man doing the same thing in a few short years :)

Abbie said...

What a patriotic boy! :) I love that last picture of the two.