Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gage gives his views on dating

I decided to share one our usual chats we had. At age seven, he already knows he wants a lot of girlfriends, and he thinks he's figured out how to save small pets...?
He's now been hearing w/his ci for three and a half years!


mishkazena said...

That's cute.

I bet he'll have a lot of girls around him when he gets older.

leahlefler said...

Too funny! And if Gage wants a side job, he can come over to our house and take care of a particularly troublesome set of deer- just so long as he makes sure he gets the one with the oriental lily hanging out of its mouth!

Boys are too much fun.

Karen Mayes said...

Ahhhh... very refreshing to view the boy's "philosophical" conversation about facts of life :o)

Seek Geo said...

Ha ha!! Very cute!! Darn, these kids say the darnest things don't they?! :-)

My mom once told me when I was little that I wanted a LOT of dates so I can bring them over after school to go to playground. I guess everyone who goes to playground with me is an official date! LMAO!

Good times!!

Anyway, I absolutely love this video of him!! I wonder what kind of necklace is he wearing? I like the style of it, is it homemade or from what store?


Val said...

SG-the necklace could easily be made but we bought that one at walmart.
leahlefler, girl...we know about pesky deer also, my garden/apple trees/ you name it have been under attack.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

way to funny!

K.L. said...

At least he didn't say that he likes to give hugs to girls in bathing suits like my son did when he was three.

That was adorable.

lbre969903 said...

I luv the accent!! He is cute I bet he does get alot of girlfriends.. :)