Thursday, July 31, 2008

AVT on the Fly

Now keep in mind this all comes from a non crafty mom. So almost all of our therapy is "on the fly" so to speak. I truely admire the AVT moms who homeschool or the just plain crafty AVT moms. . I just don't have those skills or patience I guess, but that's okay, because I have learned how to do AVT and get my floors done all at the same time. And yes, this is totally AVT. Brook loves to mop (and do other chores...can you believe it?) but I can say things like "mop in front of the heater first and then near the plant..." or even more sequencing by sweeping first, then mop each of the three rooms with tile in a particular order. Although we weren't doing any AVT while they were swimming yesterday, a water gun could also turn into a fun AVT style game. "spray something that starts with the /f/ sound"....or "spray something that is heavy...spray the garbage can once and the chair three times" I could go on for days here. And check out the kids at our therapy session yesterday at the park....So AVTs not that bad huh?
And if any of you AVT moms have figured out how to narrate instructions for the hearing dads, and actually have them follow your lead, do tell !! I'm just finding the AVT thing isn't working on the husbands....but will keep trying *grin*


leahlefler said...

If your kids ever want to do therapy at my house, they're more than welcome! LOL! And AVT has backfired on my husband. The most I get is an "I hear that!" when the oven timer goes off!

Val said...

If you would have asked yesterday you could have borrowed them (at no charge) but today has been a good day (so far) so we'll keep them.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

you are too sweet to link me;) as for dads..i have discussed this w/ many a moms in HI and AI..model model model... i can't find the blog post i wat to link for you here on that... but it is by the same mom too.

one major thing is take them to therapy and have the THERAPIST tell them what to do...always better than the nagging wife;)see here..

and completely unrelated... as i was looking thru Tammy's blog... here is a totally different way to use something from hearing journey- just interesting i think;) if i find that other link i will send it

Val said...

Actually what I mean by dads and AVT is, he don't think mopping is fun, nor does he like my "over by the plant, and now under the table" type instructions...doesn't work for him. If you guys have figured out how to "instruct" the dads and have them comply, give me some hints....(smile)

leahlefler said...

Hehe- I got the joke. My lovely hubby doesn't appreciate my "now dust BEHIND the lamp. Can you dust UNDER the lamp? Good listening!"

Actually, I wouldn't trade him for the world! I was about to ship my 2 year old off to whoever would take him yesterday, though. We might have managed a trade! I'd appreciate it if you returned Matt in a potty trained condition, lol.