Monday, July 28, 2008

13 days to go !!!

Only thirteen days til school starts! Do I sound excited? Well, let me just tell you what my children keep doing to amuse themselves. They walk past one another and pop the other's coils off! Oh man, you talk about annoying! Then they'll take off running(I see a 300.00 coil replacement in my future). My sister used to point her finger directly near my face and she convinced me that as long as she wasn't touching me, that she wasn't violating me (just my personal space). I can't imagine having all sound disconnected, especially if I was watching something good on tv.
Anyway, I also wanted to leave you with a video (hilarious) of Brook eating her first sandwich ( I know, I know, she's four!!! but has never liked the smell of loaf bread therefore has never even tasted it until today). Anyway, watch the last two seconds!

I hope that when I'm old, my kids don't put all my embarrassing moments on blogger!!


tammy said...

That video is hysterical! I am SO counting down the days til school too! 28 more to go here!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

toooo funny! so what does she eat then mostly?

Val said...

she eats fruit and meat. I'm not kidding maybe spaghetti and french fries every now and then.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

that is really probably healthier!!! DS doesn't eat gluten and we do PB&J on Gluten free pancakes..but mostlhy fruit, veggies and meat hear. Got DS to eat raw snap peas!!! now that's a bonus!

Those spongy breads have zippo nutrition anyway;) oh- DS used to eat PB&J w/ a spoon...loved it!!! and i'd pack nuts for his lunch. (although schools are less apt to allow nuts in schools w/ all the alergies.)