Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the Country

Do you remember me saying "I'd rather see a snake" well I almost stepped on this little booger! Check him out, didn't seem to be poisonous but he's seen his last day anyway. The men paving the road were kind enough to lend me a hand as long as I lent them a hoe. Kids were amused, you know I put my kids on the porch (I mean safety first) and I was like the paparazzi w/my camera.
p.s. for those cringing, this was about five feet from my front porch


leahlefler said...

What kind of snake IS that? Its HUGE!

I'd much rather have a little frog in my yard than that thing!

Val said...

five ft. chicken snake

LISAL said...
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LISAL said...

for the clip below it brought tears to my eyes my son has his op next week an i have never seen or heard kiddys with the implants i am now very excited when my son age 3 starts talking.If all goes well
well done to your wee boy and girl u must be so proud of them well done:)