Sunday, May 18, 2008

Roughin' It

So last night I decided to hang with the fellas since Brook was spending the night w/my mother(despite Gage telling me to "go home and stay"). This is the THE CABIN. My husband built it with his own two hands when I was pregnant with Gage, no water, no electricity...just a wood burning stove for the winter and windows for the summer.

We live just beyond that hay field in the background so I politely made my way home before 8 p.m. Did I mention no bathroom? But Gage loves it and was even noted to say "y'all hear that wood pecker?" and that was heard over a goat, a cow, and a lawn mower from the neighbor thru the woods.

Gage found a tiny frog and that was enough to gross me out and I realized, maybe I'm not so country! Frogs Freak Me Out!!!! I'd rather see a snake, I think.


Abbie said...

Oh! You just catapulted me into wishing it was summer already! I have a cabin that I go to during the summer to get away.

Frogs don't do a darn thing to me either and I am amazed that he heard a wood pecker over all of that!

Seek Geo said...

Oh.. sound like a lot of fun!! What?! You prefer snake over frogs.. I must say you are nuts! He he.. I don't mind frogs but snakes?! Please keep 'em away from me! *grins*

I went to cabin once before and I had so much fun even though it was so hard without TV, ugh!! :-)


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

fun!!!! i want LAND...i don't know my neighbors anyway!