Saturday, May 31, 2008

I May Have a Signer Afterall

Look what I found Brook doing! She was watching Signing Times on PBS...she's a little more interested than Gage ever was about signs.

didn't have time to caption but you're only missing me saying "good job Brook" after she attempts to sign the word broom and then dust pan.


Deaf Cinema said...

i love how she uses the arm of the chair as the surface to be swept up

also love how she looks at mom to see if doing it right

very cute when she is shy after she successfully signs broom

children and learning - it is glorious

thanks for sharing



Dianrez said...

It's so cute when tiny kids use signs...right now it's just a game but one never knows when it comes in handy, like talking across the street or from a high balcony. One would think lipreading would work but the distance makes it much harder to see detail.

David said...

I love your blog and am thrilled that you post and share with us.
Thanks for doing this!

Abbie said...

What a cutie pie when she performs!! :)