Friday, May 23, 2008

End of School Parties

Wow, today was the last day of "real" school. Brook doesn't go back 'til August and Gage had field day today and awards on Tues. then he's finished. They were supposed to go until next Thurs. but hey, I can take a hint...his teacher told me they didn't HAVE to come if they didn't want to. End of school party today for Brook, the firemen came and her BFF Austin and my BFF Sara (his little sister) had a ball today!!!!
Now all you mamas know the countdown begins...til the first day of school!


Seek Geo said...

Awww.. that sure bring back a lot of memories when I was little at school for these kind of parties/competitive games. I wanna go back!!

Sound like you all had a lot of blast! :-D


Abbie said...

I have to agree with Geo, I had completely forgot about field day at school. That was the funnest part of school! :)

Geo, they have adult parties like these, they are called swat meets :)