Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Awards Day

We went in today only for the Awards Ceremony. There were like five(?) awards given from Gage's class and he earned the Spelling Award. The spelling tests are all oral and he did very well despite half of them being rhyming words where maybe only one letter was different...he had to listen very carefully. I got his belongings and forgot all about this stamp I had made. The kids took turns being his "buddy" each day and could earn a stamp at the end of the day so they could show their parents how they helped him at p.e. and the lunchroom when he couldn't hear as well. They love taking turns as this is as important to the other kids as being "student of the day"!! I had this stamp made and it didn't cost much online.

P.S. while there this sweet little old great-grandmother was seated behind us, she tapped Brook and said "are you listening to music?" This was before the awards started so I explained the whole cochlear implant process to her. I saw people glancing hoping I wouldn't see them looking, but I did. Nothing rude was said and they all were just curious. The great grandmother even said "well that's sad but really amazing too"...when I got to the part about she hears nothing when she takes her processors off. It was totally fine and not condescending at all so I feel good that they all learned a little something...whether they wanted me to know they were listening or not.

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elizabeth said...

Well, while "sad but amazing" wouldn't be my first favorite choice, it sure beats "I'm sorry" by a mile! And, considering that, in the lady's generation, being deaf probably was seen as a pretty grim prognosis, I'm so glad that she was able to realize what remarkable things technology has done for your children! I hope you raised your volume a little bit as you explained -- just to make sure everyone, even those in the back row, didn't miss out on hearing about CIs! I'm shameless, you know I would have done that!

Congratulations to the champion speller! All of those "Sherriff" notes he's left around the house must have paid off! I live for those posts, by the way. Cracks me up every time!

Love the pics of Brook with baby E., too! Pretty snazzy outfit she's got there!