Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Seeds Have Been Sewn

I love having a garden! Having my kids plant seeds with me, watching them grow, and then eventually enjoying what they become. Love being able to walk out into my garden in the summer and picking dinner. I usually have enough to take to the audiologist and AVTs at our clinic, not to mention family and friends too. Most people we know don't have the space for such a garden so we just plant waaaay more than we need and share.
Oh, and I know red and pink don't match but hey, she dressed herself (it's Spring Break)! and check out my boots! Don't be jealous, knee length rubber is quite fashionable here in the country!


Tiffani said...

Whatcha plantin'? My grandmother used to always have a garden so I've picked, snapped and hulled plenty of peas and shucked plenty of corn. And I miss that! As close as we come to a garden here is sunflowers.

Mmmm, fresh tomatoes!

Val said...

This year we planted (so far) cantaloupe, watermelon, banana peppers, radish, squash, tomatoes...and I'm heading out to the store for more! Forgot the zucchini, and need more tomatoes...I can't grow corn or okra, I've tried for years.

Tales from the CI Gal said...

A garden is so much fun. I wish I had the space to plant. We did tomatoes last year and they died. We hope to get a house this summer and at least I can plant flowers.

I love the pink and reds. Who knows maybe Brooke will change the face of fashion. It made me put on my pink and red heart shirt today.

Abbie said...

I wish I had a green thumb to have a garden LOL :) I can't wait to see how they turn out!

There is no denying that brooke is yours, it looks like someone took your face and put it on hers!

Grendel said...

You are making me pine for all that gorgeous weather -- you have already started planting? We just started thawing out up here :) and yesterday I considered putting away the snow-blower, but had second thoughts. There always seems to be one last snow storm in April.

Li-Li's Mom (Beth)