Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Are We Well Rounded?

A very interesting post my Ms. Jodi today. Made me realize I could be giving the wrong impression to some people because I show "mock lessons" I do with my kids. So here are some shots of what my kids are doing today. You'll see that later in the week, my kids will help plant the garden that will feed my entire family and friends all summer. Gage is making mud pies and playing with his trucks since all he wants to do is drive a big truck one day. Do I sit around and school the children all day? Heck no! That's the beauty of AVT. You learn how to talk to your kids, give your kids more meaningful information when you do talk so you don't spend all your time in therapy. For the most part we are just country goof balls and LOVIN' IT!! We need to do a captioned documentary, like a reality show so people can see what really goes on inside these AVT homes. You'd be surprised at how little "therapy" could be noticed to the naked eye. Gage is all boy and can certainly fish (and I do mean bait hook and remove fish) shoot a BB gun, his and Brook's exposure to LIFE is unlimited. So if anyone questioned our "well roundedness" we try to be...always work-in-progress.

As for the video below you can see they're not robots...they are just laughing and Brook simply asks Gage to help her if she gets scared...I filmed this from inside the house, they have no idea!


Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Beautiful. Of course I will refer to you in tomorrow's blog. And...I will be posting this on the Circle. It's amazing how little information there actually is on AVT and how people get the wrong idea by seeing all of the lessons at the table. Maybe that is why they don't understand how close we are to our kids and how we learn to create dialogue not just a child who follows commands as oftentimes perceived when viewing "at the table" exercises. Share this with Learn2Hear, it's fundamental for new parents to see your blog. Hugs and kisses to those monsters, Jodi

Rachel said...

Hey Val! My blood sure does boil when I hear misinformation about AVT! I'm writing a blog about AVT and will have it posted tonight!