Monday, April 7, 2008

Roll Tide-These Girls Rock!!!

Someone from above must have heard my kids earlier today (see previous post) donating their balloons to Heaven because we go to this awesome Meet-and-Greet at the local HEAR Center where my kids had AVT (auditory verbal therapy) and still receive audiology,and Brook's former AVT gives them both a balloon...does she know how happy that made them? We were of the lucky few chosen to meet the University of Alabama Women's Softball Team (ranked No. 2!!! Hello!)

Gage had a list of questions as you can see him handing them"when you win, what do you earn?" and "why is it softball if the ball isn't soft?"These ladies were awesome, they talked to all of the kids, signed posters, gave them shirts and I saw one arm wrestling Gage. We had a ball and I can't thank them enough for adopting the HEAR Center as their chosen charity! You girls ROCK! Check them out here . I heard Gage telling Brook in the back seat on the ride home that the cops would be looking for us. He could not understand why we took all "that stuff" without paying for it. So we had a little lesson on memorabilia.


Vann said...

Gage and Brooke were awesome! We had so much fun hanging out with all of you yesterday. We were all so impressed with the Hear Center, the staff and those incredible children.
Vann Stuedeman
Pitching Coach

catherine said...

Gage and Brooke,

It was so much fun coming to visit the HEAR center and meeting you guys. I had a blast! Thanks for helping with the tour Gage and for letting me hold your awesome truck during the movie. Brooke, I loved your dress and the daisies in your hair. I heard about the zoo trip next month. We will be playing, so we won't be able to come. I hope you two have a great time though. It was great meeting both of you and seeing the center. Roll Tide!


Abbie said...

WoW! They look like they had a blast! I'm practicing for softball now and it looks like my team is not going to make it nowhere near the status that Roll Tide has :)