Wednesday, January 16, 2008

activation day

this is how funny Gage thought hearing thru his ci was for the first time. You can hear my mother saying "can you hear Brook" as Brook cooed in the background. Just came across this and thought I'd share.


Li-Li's mom said...

Now, that was just delightful, what a great memory!

Karen Mayes said...

Smiling... my parents told me that when I was first equipped with a body hearing aid (in 1965), I reacted by laughing and my eyes lit up, as my parents told me.

Yup, to this day I wear hearing aids... no, cochlear implants, since with my hearing aids, I can hear birds chirping, the tea kettle whistling, bacon sizzling (hasn't anyone noticed how LOUD sizzling can be?), etc.

Calley said...

my 6 month old daughter was born with CMV and it left her with severe hearing loss in both ears. she currently has hearing aids, but we will be going to have a cochelar implant evaluation done later this month. i am just looking online for advice and support from other mothers and parents of children with cochlear implants. do you have any suggestions?