Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What I'm thankful for...

I wish that I could feel this way everyday...I wrote this after spending the entire day with my kids, which is not unusual, but I spent it just taking it all in, enjoying them !

If it all were different

If it all were different would I enjoy the rain?
Would it sound so gentle,
or just pass down the pane?
If it all were different would I notice the breeze,
that just passed right by me
and now dances with leaves?
If it all were different would I hear a bird sing?
Would I walk right past
and not notice a thing?
If it all were different would your words pass by my ears?
When you sing me a song
would it bring me to tears?
If it all were different I'd still love you no doubt.
But thank you for showing me
what life's really about !

Val Blakely


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

I can't stop reading your poem. I just love it. tears come to my eyes each time. I just sent your link to an autism group I am on locally... it actually speaks quite well to that group as well because many autistic kids are non-verbal..and the smallest utterance can bring tears.

ArJee said...

lovely poem.it really is true how these kids have brought us and given us value for life.we really value each thing they speak about.my girl sings too.thanks to bte and my dear therapist.all the best.do visit my blog,

misskri said...

What a wonderful poem!!! Every word is true, it brought tears when I read it.