Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cochlear Implants and Sports

So it's been a while, like a year, since I've updated on the Country Kids with Cochlear Implants. That's probably because I've gotten distracted and lazy and almost forgot I even liked to write during school "season" Brooklyn keeps us busy with her sports. She does well in school socially, keeps good grades, and is an athlete. She continues to play softball and volleyball each year and now that she's moving up to high school level, being in the 9th grade now, she'll be in the "big leagues" so to speak.

She has completed softball for the year and her team had a really good season with less than a handful of losses, and so begins volleyball. She will start workouts with the older girls upon her return from the beach and she really likes that part. She may groan and complain but she likes the feel of a good workout.

She finally got rid of the braces and the glasses and she looks forward to her first volleyball season without them! We continue to use double sided fabric tape to help secure her processors on her ears. This is her preferred method now, she gave up the small headbands but they could make another appearance when her first volleyball game rolls around who knows.

She still loves music and uses her over the ear headphones the ones that cost a small fortune or the higher quality ones at Wal Mart work just as well. Hopefully it won't take a full year to update on my two kids with cochlear implants! We wouldn't want you to think they are boring, they keep us full. 💗

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