Sunday, July 12, 2015

Heavy Metal

Let's face it, he was heavy metal the minute he picked up his first guitar. Well, not really, but he is certainly cool enough to be...

We finally got the boy in his braces. Sorry to all the Goldenhar patients that don't have a cleft palate, insurance will likely NOT pay for the braces. But that's okay. He is in them, and will be for a while. They only put on the top row this go around and will add the bottoms at a later appointment. He will also add the spacer later as well. He didn't want to put everything in his mouth at once and have the Gman super uncomfortable. The braces hurt bad enough, but nothing a little ibuprofen won't handle.

We will remove the braces in about 6 months temporarily to add composite bonding type additions to the front teeth to make them look more like full pretty teeth. After that is done by his family dentist, we'll go back and put the braces right back on. The bottom row will be moved only slightly forward and then a pediatric bridge will fill in the remaining gap where he has no adult teeth (missing bottom front four). After the boy finishes growing at around age 20, he can decide if he wants an adult (more permanent) bridge or dental implants.

I know it sounds like a lot, and we haven't even been back to see the surgeon about the whole jaw issues, but he too wanted to wait until after age 18 to fix any of that (should we go in that direction). However, by the time the chap is in his early 20s, he'll be so glad he did all of this and I think he'll love the results! We are blessed as always to have a magnificent team helping and guiding us along the way!

 The main concern now is keeping the health of his teeth and progressing in weight gain. Gman is afraid this will set him back but we have loads of ice cream to supplement his lack of biting into food that is just plain uncomfortable and not recommended for a young'un with braces. The anxiety is behind him now and he's getting used to the heavy metal already!

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