Friday, July 3, 2015

Brace Yourself

After years of anticipation, guess who will be getting braces next Saturday?
That's right, this guy! We tried for over a year to get insurance to pay for them since it is medically necessary per the dentists, and orthodontists that we work closely with, BUT since he does not have a cleft palate, we got a big fat no! Goldenhar Syndrome has left his mouth with its share of challenges and we are not sure yet how long he will wear the braces but we'll see how it all goes.

We are moving teeth around to fill in the gaps where no adult teeth are present. Then, the dentist will be able to shape what he does have and after that he'll be ready for dental implants. Since dental implants can't be side by side, we must move teeth around first so that they can be placed sporadically. He has a long road ahead of him with orthodontia but by the time he graduates high school he'll be so glad he did it! ((He is less than excited))

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ann said...

God bless our little man.