Monday, September 23, 2013

Where are The Blakelys?

I can't believe I haven't updated this blog since June! Such a slacking blogger! The Blakelys are still doing well, thank the good Lord! We have been very prosperous in our garden this summer and canned many-a-vegetable! I have pickles, tomatoes, soup starters, pears, spaghetti sauces, and so much more just packing my storage room shelves for this Fall and Winter. 

Since I have taken on a second job, I basically work full-time hours just at a more random schedule so that I remain home with my family as much as possible...makes for one tired mom, but aren't we all? Gage is doing well (as far as I know) over at the high school...yes, I said it...his middle school is all located inside the high school so he's forced to be even more independent. He has always thrived on independence and as long as he's doing well, he should be just that. He goes back for his yearly visit with the cleft palate clinic in December when we will again discuss his orthodontics, his dental issues, his possible jaw distraction for later down the road and we also meet with his nutritionist...kind of a full yearly exam to make sure he is getting as much nutrition as he can, gaining weight properly, etc. As bad as I hate the six hour appointment, it is loaded with information, so we must go.

Brooklyn is doing well in the classroom also. She is well into the fourth grade, very independent though she does still use the personal FM system. Her teacher is one of the softest spoken people ever, but she hears her very well inside the room, along with the mic. I am in and out of the classroom a lot checking since I do work there as a sub teacher, and she appears to be on task, and not really struggling with anything other than math which she has always found to be a little difficult.

The kids have friends, they are happy, they talk, they talk back sometimes, they get into trouble...but they are The Blakelys...happy to call 'em mine!

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