Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not so Good

Well, we thought we were doing great.....however, after MAPping both children today, we popped them into the booth and obviously from the chart, they hear great with their cochlear implants...
(You need them to hear within or above the speech banana if at all possible which both of my kids do, thankfully)

...the bad news? They don't hear great in noise. In fact, you can see from the numbers over to the side, that they both drop to less than 1/2 of clear understood speech. Brook uses an FM in class and she does really well with it, however, little man has abandoned this as of fifth (really fourth) grade. So, he's trying a noise program right now (which he doesn't love) but he'll either adjust, use the FM again for class, or settle. I'm hoping the new program will help him out. I can't imagine only getting 46% of the information all day long.

On a lighter note, this is the difference in words they create outside the booth door while waiting on each other........

She innocently works away at Bat, Sunroof, and many other common words, while he is completely amused by his words Spaz, and turds...(boys)

Brooklyn is good for another year while Gman will go back in a month, see how the new program is working and we'll put him in the booth with this program and see if he can up his numbers any. Brooklyn doesn't seem to be that bothered in ordinary situations and since she has an FM at school, I'm not as worried about her numbers.


dlefler said...

Those pure-tone audiograms with their CI's are amazing! WOW - 10-20 dB!!

Bummer about the hearing in noise - that is such a challenge. Nolan has to have his FM system to hear in class - I hope Gage accepts his again soon (or learns to deal with the noise program) - missing 50% of school isn't an option.

Joe said...

FM systems can be tricky. When setup right it's nice but, when there not or a teacher is wearing it the wrong way it can be uncomfortable. I wear an FM system in some of my classes so, this is coming from personal experience. Ask Gage if there are problems with his.

Does Gage have to option of FM & FM + Mic? If it's just setup for FM the teacher needs to be reminded to repeat other students comments or questions.

From personal experience I can say that hearing in background noise is a very difficult. You can go from hearing everything to almost understanding nothing.

Anonymous said...

After 20 years, I'm still useless in noisy situations - I think the brain either compensates or it doesn't.

I've given up worry about it now, and just try and cope the best I can :)


Anonymous said...

Can you try and use a soundfield with Gage?