Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lil Updates

I have become the terrible blogger. My kids have even updated their blogs and I have not! I'm telling you, between my two jobs (sub-teaching, accounting office), home, PTO, church, kids, husband...basically my busy and fun-filled life, I barely have time to sit at the computer anymore.

Brook: We are still hoping to upgrade her "ears" around March or so. She needs *and deserves* an upgrade since she's had these processors for over six years...and if you have kids, you know how much wear/tear these things go through in six years no matter how well you take care of them! She is also about to have a birthday...the day after Christmas but we celebrated early and had a very small pizza party Saturday. She wanted to invited EVERYONE but unfortunately that wasn't allowed and the ones she did invite got struck by the nasty virus that is going around the school....she almost didn't make it herself but got well in time to go for pizza w/a few family and friends.

Gage: He is great. He's a boy (lol). He has not used an FM system all year long (at his request) and his grades are pretty average now of what we would expect from him. He enjoys school, and he's really enjoying church these days. He wakes up each morning with his ADHD in full swing but right when I'm about to pull him down from the cabinets, walls, rooftop *lol*, he'll brighten my day by belting a church hymn from his breath and my day totally changes. We work closely with our doctor to manage his ADHD and we seem to have it under control for the most part.

One of his batteries died yesterday in class and went for a few hours with one "ear" but made it fine. I was at work and he said he didn't want to bother me so he just "made-do" for the remainder of the day. He is due for MAPping just after Christmas while they are on break from school and Brook will go for her yearly in January!

That's it from the Blakelys. Have a very merry Christmas!!

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