Saturday, August 4, 2012

State Park

We took the kids today, to play in the lake. We decided not to camp overnight so we spent several hours, doing was great. On the way home, Gage said (referring to a man with a beard about three feet long) "I saw that man looking at me in the eyes. I saw his mouth moving, I knew he was saying I ignored him and went under really fast." No, we don't try to waterproof the cochlear implant processors. The kids like not hearing for the most part. It's just a bonus to them, lol.

Gage is trying to catch fish with a net and Brook is tugging around her doll on a boogie board

We have only two weeks left before school starts back. Brook got a postcard from her third grade teacher today and was so excited! The anti-static mats have been moved and are in place for my kids to use the computers in their classrooms.

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