Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reminding her she's deaf

As I turned on my phone for the first time today, you know, to check facebook-because it's one of the most important parts of my day (lol), the kids ran into the lake to swim and play. Gman went in one direction and the little lady went in another. We were practically the only people there (at nine-thirty in the morning). I did see a couple of little girls about thirty feet away playing Marco Polo as their voices echoed across the empty beach.

I listened intently to the kids as both tried to catch fish (with their hands) and soon I heard the girl say, "I got one." She was near the little girls at this point and I knew B didn't have her cochlear implants on so I watched and listened. Brook said to them, "I caught a fish, it might be dead, I'm not sure." And she looked down and stared at the fish. Unknown to her the little girls were full of conversation, "put in the water," they said, "if it floats, it's dead."

Brook told them it was dead and threw it and swam back in our direction. No big deal. However, on the way home, I heard her telling her brother about it. She told him that she caught a fish, showed it to the girls and the girls ignored her. I had to jump in and tell her what she'd missed. I told her, "Brook, they were talking to you the whole time. You weren't looking at them, you were looking at the fish. You're deaf remember, you have to look at people when you don't have your 'ears' on." Ohhhh, she didn't realize it.

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amy said...

It's always surprising to my kids too when they forget.