Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Last week, my child finally cleaned her room that actually passed inspection. This earned her a sleep-over! I allowed her to invite one friend over for the night. This little girl was in her classroom last year and they had become very good friends. This was the first person (aside from a cousin) who actually has slept over at our house. I've not let my children sleep over away from family yet (I'll get there one day). As you might have guessed, she is a child of average hearing. Brooklyn had been to her swimming party the week prior to this so I decided to back off a little when the two went swimming at my house. I told myself to skip the interpreting if possible to see how the hearing child would communicate with the deaf child and vise versa since my little girl removes her hearing devices during swimming or showering.
They did great! It didn't take the hearing child very long until she was gesturing, pointing, and flapping her arms just like we do. They had a ball and actually had two full days of each other before we reluctantly gave the child back to her family. Hopefully it was a great incentive for Brook to keep her room clean! So far so good. And yes, those are waterproof ear plugs in her ears...she was actually recovering from an ear infection.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the encouragement. :) I think about these types of situations often, so it's so nice to see how older kids handle them. :) Thanks for posting about regular everyday life. :)

speech and language said...

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