Sunday, May 6, 2012

Little Updates

Sometimes we move so fast from one thing to the next, I forget to update the blog. Brook and Gman got new bunnies...this makes for happy children since their other ones escaped out of the cage due to a faulty door latch

Gage made a guitar for music class at school. They were told to recycle things around the house and we had just built a shed out back so he grabbed some wood, took the strings off a real guitar and made himself a guitar. He did most of the work, his Daddy had to help with some of the sawing and putting the strings on but Gman did all the sanding, design work, pretty much everything else. The classes voted on their favorite ones and his was chosen to be displayed.
Yes, we are to this point. B stays in the pool. She swims at least an hour a day during the week and probably three hours a day on the weekends. She's very aquatic...

Gage again earned himself a slot at the county track meet where schools select their best long jumpers, fastest 50 yard dashers, etc. and compete against all the other area schools. This year, his long jump earned him 3rd place. He was so proud. He was very disappointed in himself last year when his nerves took over and he ended up jumping several feet short of his record. This year, he just ran and flew into the air. The other boys were way taller but he still placed! Way to go G! Unfortunately, it was so loud there he could not hear how far he jumped and I was at the other end so we'll just have to take our ribbon and know that he did well.

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