Friday, April 27, 2012

Ears, ears, ears

Yes, I will schedule an ear tune up an hour and a half away for child #1 and be back to school before 1 p.m. for child #2's IEP. Crazy I know but it worked.

We got the boy all fixed up. He sat drawing, rolling his eyes, making snide remarks, etc etc, as his wonderful Audiologist MAPped BOTH ears, fixed the MIX for his FM so he can possibly hear his classmates better when the mic is in use, returned Brook's FM system to me in less than an hour and a half. So the four and a half hour trip put us back at school 10 minutes early for Brook's IEP. Woop! Got her all squared away and ready for 3rd grade next year.

We have determined that Gman is still going to need MAPping monthly. We tried to stretch it to five or six weeks and he's reading lips by then. He's ALWAYS needed monthly MAPping so this is nothing new. He just "special" as he likes to say, when trying to one-up his sister, lol.

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bioniclissa said...

Was just looking back through your blogs to find some info on how to explain mappings in a easy way so I can explain to my friends, anyway i saw a reference to the I'm all ears book, is it still available to buy? I never got round to getting it