Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Giving Up

Years ago, I was blessed with a unique child. A child that cried no tears, a child that heard no song, a child that smiled at everyone but insisted on seeing the bottoms of their shoes so he knew what type of tread they were standing on. As an older child, he explained he could tell a lot about a person by the tread of their shoes. He compared it to tires. I guess he knew who walked off the road and took the different paths and climbed the mountains by the bottom of their shoes.

I won't say it's been easy for the Cochlear Kids, always. I know many say we make it look that way when they watch our videos, or meet us at the park, but it wasn't always. I had a child that medically, never was the perfect cochlear implant candidate to begin with. Just when giving up was within our grasps, a doctor looked at my child who had refused to learn any of the signs I tried to teach him, a child that was more social at age three than I had grown to be as an adult and he told me "I'll pray about it."

As he took the next three months to pray, I did the same. My child entered a very long and complicated surgery that our doctor was capable of performing and I knew that when my child came back to me, it would be the beginning of something big and fantastic, whether he could hear or not. Relief in knowing we had our final answer was something we looked forward to.

Now he's grown into a handsome (almost) eleven year old. He's learning all about Jesus and Faith and things we can feel but not physically see. Things that I was told years ago, would be very hard to teach a deaf child. He's learning that prayer can be the answer for a lot of things...for everything. It shouldn't be a last resort, I know that now, but if wasn't for prayer, there would be no Cochlear Kids.

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ann said...

He is so smart and Handsome!

Jennifer Hornsby said...

Val, this is such an inspiring post! It is encouraging to keep on keeping on. This may be a hard road I/we am/are on, but it is sooo worth it! Thanks for the reminder!

Lucas'Mommy said...

What a beautiful post!