Friday, August 5, 2011

Stomping is just common courtesy

Even though cheer clinic got rained out last night, I still found myself exhausted enough to crash out hard the minute I put my head on my pillow. Knowing I had to get up at 5:30am to assure I had enough coffee to drive my two down that hour and half strip of pavement to get little boy's ears MAPped.
Brook had slept in my bed again so I could make sure her pain levels weren't too high, which for the first time last night since her surgery, she didn't wake up for meds. She did however toss and turn, moan and cry in her sleep and hold her ears, but she was unaware of any of this by the time morning came. Shortly after midnight I heard a door creak. I then heard the kitchen faucet turn on and then off. No it wasn't a ghost, my son likes to drink from the faucet(why?) and it's very common for him to get up for a drink. But instead of hearing the door creak back closed, I heard paper rattling. I knew he was in the pantry poor fella, looking for a bite to eat. His ADHD meds keep his appetite down during the day and then soaring at night. Apparently, he'd not eaten enough before bed.

I didn't want to scare the child to death so I did a courtesy stomp on the hard wood floors. With each heavy step, I watched to see when he'd notice I was up. When I got about four feet from him (his head still in the pantry) he jerked his head around the door and knew someone was near. I smiled at the poor kid and he said, "I AM STARVIN'!!" So he finished what he'd grabbed up in his hands and I got him a piece of cheese to top it off and forced him to re-brush and back to bed he went.

He got his implants MAPped and again, he tries to answer the question of how many tones did you hear? with a riddle...just to see if we can figure it out. Today he would say DOG or LOSER and he thought we would sit and count the letters to his answers to figure out how many he heard but he was wrong. The Audiologist was not having he finally rolled his eyes and gave us numbers! lol-And guess what? I found out I have not been changing his mic covers on the N5s!! I never saw anything to change but they are so tiny and round, nothing like the Freedoms, so he now has clean mic covers! I took my spat on the hand and shamefully left the Audiologist's office but I will surely be more aware of this in the future. (yea right)

We only have a few more days until school starts on Aug 15!

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