Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School is in session

We survived the first day of school. I admit I was a little giddy dropping them off. I was finally going back to the gym after the summer off!

We have reached a point where Brook is getting hand-me-down teachers that have already had Gage so all I need to do is show them how the mic works.

This year, B has a student teacher in her room as well so there's two instead of one, that's fabulous. The more the merrier. And I had to remind all teachers to remove the mic before they go to the restroom, but I assured them that if they forgot, my kids would have told EVERYONE what they heard thru the personal FM before she even had a chance to return to class...so I confidently told them it would likely only happen once...then they'd never do it again!!!! lol

Brook has her first football game on Saturday (she's a cheerleader) so this will be interesting to see how she does in front of the crowd/team/spectators. I am expecting nothing but good things this year! Last year stressed me out beyond the max so I'm looking for some calmness.

We are looking forward to PEEPS in the Park on Sunday. I love getting together once or twice a year with the other families of the state who have children with hearing loss. Big fun.....hope the weather holds out.

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