Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hide-n-Go Seek

Hide-n-go seek has become my least favorite game, now that we are back to describing Gage's symptoms this way. It's hard to tell from a picture what we saw/felt yesterday but I've done my best. This is EXACTLY how it all began in August of '08 when it actually took a couple of months before anything was visible at the doc's office.

As I expected, when I took him in today, all I could do was tell him what is going on, the itching (an internal itch you just can't scratch enough) the warmth on that side and the puffiness-none of which were there today. Only the small red spot on his magnet area when the puffiness caused his processor magnet to need adjusting (which Gage did-I knew nothing about 'til it was too late and already pink)...But hopefully as the doc said, these meds will 'fix' the problem, we'll see how he does after the 10 days of antibiotic, if we have recurrent problems or have something visible, we'll likely have to go to IV-pic line again. This would mean a lot of changes, mainly no more subbing for me (he'd be home bound again) but luckily I still have the accountant's office which I could still do since hubs is home until noon (I am part time) so that would not be affected very much. We are back playing the unwanted game of hide-n-seek for a couple of weeks. Cross your fingers that 10 days will be all he needs!
I've color coded the descriptions, the thin black lines is where his actual implant lies. You can click to make it larger, but not a lot to see, I know. In fact, I would have noticed nothing had he not awakened with, "Mama! My head was itching soooo bad last night! Look and see if you see anything, it feels BIG right there!" And of course this set off all kinds of panic alarms. Here is what the last infection looked like 3 mos after this all started, so you see how slooooow these symptoms progressed, it's very tricky!
We do not want this again!

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Anonymous said...

I hope he will be ok, and his CI will not give him anymore problems.