Sunday, December 19, 2010

Feeling Better

Two of the four Blakelys have been ill. Brook and I have likely had the flu or some other knock-you-down illness over the last week. We had been sick the week before, but got well for several days only to relapse, and severely.

On our worst night, my parents brought over two small bottles of bourbon. I was instructed to take a shot of it, go back to bed, and repeat this the following day w/small shots throughout the day. She poured me a tiny bit in a glass, I protested, but knowing she was likely right, I downed it in a hurry. I could actually feel it burn holes in my esophagus and rip my stomach lining wide open. I began to sweat. And I continued to sweat all night, and every time I took a shot I'd sweat more. So apparently sweating out the illness works because just a couple of days later, I'm much better!  Brooklyn's fever lingered but she's better now. Unfortunately, we had to cancel her b'day party Saturday. She will open her gifts today during our two Christmas events. We have to go to my Grandmother's and then over to my mom's so she'll get to have cupcakes over there and open the remaining gifts.

Gage is doing better. We are still watching the tiny spot. Still not completely healed but we have made major progress! Looks much better!

Also I figured out what a flashing orange light means on the N5 battery charger. I woke to find one battery light was green (meaning battery is charged and ready) while one was flashing orange. Weird 'cause usually the orange light stays on when charging and doesn't flash. After I tried and tried to make it stop, I realized it was disposable batteries, instead of a rechargeable one. Duh. So there, you go.

I have started back part time at the accountant's office where I used to work. I try to help them during their busy season (Jan-Apr) as needed. I get to make $ and I can usually slide in and out w/little training 'cause I worked there for years. I'm still writing (mainly as a hobby) for when I seem to only produce 6-10 articles per week...whatever I have time for. And I'm still subbing (3 days a week). So yes, technically I have 3 part time jobs AND remain full time mommy at home. After the kids get out of school each day, my working day ends, I do not allow any type of work to overshadow the kids, so I cut off at 3 and begin just being Mom. I go to bed early and recharge, wake very early to write and start my day at whatever job I'm doing for the day. But we are managing quite nicely, and I'm enjoying contributing to the family income...feels good. I somehow I feel better having an array of income sources rather than one...guess I feel safer that way..?

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.


ann said...

I don't know how you remember where to go on what day???

leah said...

Have a Merry Christmas!

I love the way you have the extra jobs, but are "home free" by the time the kids get out of school. I want to find something similar when the kids are in school full time- with summers off, so we can enjoy our time together!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how you and Gage are liking the new N5s. I don't recall reading much about the switch over. Has Gage reported any differences with his old ear?