Wednesday, November 3, 2010

He spoke Italian...

So we went into the big city this morning for Gage's second mapping of his new device. The new building looks nice and it's very spacious so I know everyone will really love it. (Our HEAR Center moved down the street) Our appointment was at 8 and we arrived at 8:01...oh well.

My ADHD child always finds ways to entertain himself and us during long sessions of mapping (tuning up) both his cochlear implants. We left just after 10 but not before my child started giving his answers in Italian...sort of

Why he can't give the conventional answers such as 'too loud' or 'too soft' maybe 'just right'??? No. Last time he said things like, 'annoying' and 'ear throbbing', I mean we'd probably get out faster if he'd just give us standard answers! Today, he found a new way to answer with things like 'fleeb' which he honestly tried to convince us was Italian. This kid is

And can someone explain this? This never ending game of 'whoever makes the beehive crumble and fall sending the bee to an early grave LOSES'...was nerve wracking! He carefully popped out a piece of the honeycomb all while I'm in the background saying, "It would take a miracle, he's actually hoping for a miracle. There's no way, it won't fall." Well guess what? It didn't fall.

And on the way down there, while driving 65 on a major highway, I had motion for a lady to roll her window down, she did, "You have a flat tire!" She pulled over and I almost hit a deer...all in a split second. Go on down the road to find reflective vests all up and down the road(people cleaning up the road), it was just getting daylight...edgy from the deer incident, I saw something move over to the side near the was a man, wearing his reflective vest (dummy) using the 'restroom'....plain as day.....he totally forgot about his vest when nature called, but thank you, I've seen enough now! lol

Crazy stuff today. I'm even gonna go drink a cup of coffee at 2 in the afternoon! Hopefully I'll get a call from a teacher tomorrow to go to work, I need out of the house, get back to real work for a change!

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