Sunday, October 17, 2010

The new do

Love the new do! It was his idea to cut it all off. I had intended to just cut the underneath part but when he was reminded about the doctors coming around the morning after surgery to pull all the head bandages off, he said, "Oh just cut it all off, that pulls my hair!" And it helped that his best friend who spent the night w/him Fri night has this exact haircut. He's all set. Bags are packed (I even was inspired to put up an article about overnight hospital stays, lol), I have B packed and ready to go spend a couple of days with my Mama. B will get to check out early tomorrow and come down to the hospital to see him when he gets out of surgery. I asked Gage what he thought about everything now that it's finally here. He said, "Well, I hate surgeries but I love attention."  Yep, he really said it. And he's getting plenty of it I assure you. I'm off to buy my final items needed (like a new Lego set *smile*) and taking B's bags to my moms and definitely squeezing in a workout to reduce building anxiety. We are professional patients. I will be updating Facebook as the day progresses tomorrow. It should take less than four hours to remove malfunctioning ci and insert new one.


Nicole said...

Love his new hair cut! I'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow! I'm working all day, so I'll try to sneak up there to see him.

rouchi said...

Saying a silent prayer for him and hoping all is well.