Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet Turdy

B's gonna be sad today when I tell her we need to find Turdy a home. He needs to be in his natural environment and not constantly in the hands of a six year old. She says things like, "Awww Turdy, come on girl or boy, come on!" But we will find him a real home later today. B had an unfortunate accident yesterday while climbing on my counter to get her a cup. She forgot the bottom cabinet door was left open so when she jumped down still facing the cabinets, she almost straddled the lower cabinet but she's okay. Mommy fixed her but she does have a major bruise where she landed w/such force, we had to reattach some of the cabinet facing that was pulled off.
We got her FM back and one ear seems to be working fine but she says one is still staticy so I have them in the dry n store (her receivers) but Gage's is still working fine. I hope it doesn't malfunction because he needs his real bad!! One teacher has an extra soft voice so we need his to continue doing it's job! Looks like mid October will be his surgery time, we'll know more tomorrow when the doc comes back to town.
We have several things planned for him before he goes to the O.R. again. Next weekend he gets to go watch some mud bogging and rock crawling vehicles in action. Then in late Sept. we have the weekend beach trip for PEEPs in the park. So excited.
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leah said...

I hope Brook isn't too sad when you have to give Turdy to his new home! As always, my prayers are with Gage and I hope his CI issues are resolved quickly!