Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sandy Cheeks

I've never really thought about this until the other day when I heard the character voice of Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob...on a different show. When I figured out Brooklyn was watching either Wow Wow Wubbzy which is the most horrible show at modelling good speech  or was it the Wonder Pets ?? either way, they were using the lady that does Sandy Cheeks for Spongebob for one of their characters which happens a lot with the voice actors. As I listened, I wondered if B could hear it well enough to know it was the same actor. So I asked her, "Who does that sound like?" She listened, she listened and she smiled...trying to pull it up in her little brain..."Um, um, um SANDY." Gage was no where around so I couldn't ask him, maybe later when the opportunity arises again. So neat!

I'll leave you with photos of our busy doin' nothing loooong weekend. It was great and we all had a great time. We have less than five weeks before we return to school to enter 1st & 4th grade. We will have to begin gathering school supplies soon, finish up our summer of fun with maybe a local water park visit and another PEEP's park visit soon where our north AL friends w/kiddos who have hearing loss can gather for a fun time. My kids have been so exhausted from days filled with heat (temps in upper 90's here) and busy running, playing, swimming, and much more, that they both sleep til around eight which is late for us. I even sleep til after five which is crazy for me!
I may do a pop quiz today or later in the week to brush up on their reading/math/spelling, see if they can 'earn' a neighborhood park visit...I'm sure they'll do fine, just my way of sneaking in some education.

Fireworks on the fourth. We had smoke bombs and sparklers all weekend but we did shoot a few fireworks Sunday night. Brook was swimming and jumped out when she saw her Daddy getting a small launching pipe ready, "Wait, wait, let me get my implants, I wanna hear it!!!"

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