Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Fling at School

We had field day at school but I was needed as a sub rather than a parent spectator this year. Appropriately called Spring Fling, this is the day when kids 'compete' but nothing is recorded, no winners announced, just for fun kinda day...full of sack races, tug of war, and yes a mud battle, even water events (which my kids didn't do all of these events at my request) Since I was not there w/my kids to hold processors and re-tape them on, I decided to ask them to watch the events in which running water was applied to heads (in one they each had small containers held on top of their heads and passed water down the line from bucket to bucket to see which line could collect the most at the end of each within 2 minutes...most of the water was dumped on their heads rather than each container but they all had fun). If the students didn't bring a change of clothes they had to sit these out also, and some just chose to sit out, so my kids were not alone *smile*. When my class returned from the half day of events, they were exhausted and many fell asleep as we all settled in for a long read from a new book (I read 4 chapters and all but like 2 fell asleep!! Though my eyes were open, my brain fell asleep too! exhausted!) Had an awesome week but such a busy one last week...only have one actual appt this week, Gage's much needed mapping. The rest is wide open, so call me up teachers, I'll be glad to work a couple of days!! Only 2 more weeks of school!

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