Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick Updates May 10

  • Happy Birthday Gage, he's 9 !!!!
  • I have PEEPs training day tomorrow-can't wait to talk to the Hearing Impaired Teacher, UAB Genetics, AVT (auditory-verbal therapist), AuD, EI (Early Intervention), and many more who have agreed to come in and teach the mentors MORE about hearing loss
  • Brook has completed her flower bed

  • I don't think Gage can hear well at all but he has mapping next week, not sure if it is right ear related (the ear w/7 electrodes turned off)??
  • Brook wants to have a house right next door to me when she grows up so I can help her watch ALL of her kids...I hope she brings the # of kids down a bit, not convinced 23 kids will fit into MY patience schedule but we'll manage
  • Brook has a field trip on Thurs. and I get to attend!


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

really pretty garden B! we stll have really hard almost frozen ground here!

leah said...

Brook, your garden is beautiful! We had snow on Mother's Day and freezing temps at night, so our flowers are 'on hold' until mother nature decides to cooperate!

Good luck with Gage's mapping- hopefully he'll be hearing better again SOON!