Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Miscellaneous News

Be sure when your daughter asks you a question, like, "What is this?" You see what they are wearing when they ask...B was all ready to go swimming but I'm covered up in phone calls, emails, etc. trying to get posted about the ENT visit today so I quickly said, "Oh that's shower gel," when she brought me a sample size bottle found who knows where! Little did I know, she was wearing her swim suit and I just followed her out, sat on the patio while she swam, and I realized, I didn't see he put that down.

YEP!!!! I had to hose the gal off and explain, shower gel mean shower not pool! lol
Frogs gross me out by the way, and she catches them every single night!

On to other news. Took Gage to audiology for mapping today. We are currently at 8 electrodes turned off, but a few look like they may or may not be able to be turned back on....? This mystery ear (his right ear holding it's first ever ci) is confusing us...we should hear back from Cochlear tomorrow on possible news of integrity testing....what the engineers think is going on...etc. We may possibly need to double map some of his electrodes so they can pull double duty and get him more information. Will continue to update as I can. Also one of his tiny scars seems to be swelling....kinda puffed out but no pain...so we were asked to swing by the ENT while we were in the big city to see what he thought. It is a keloid scar. So it is fine! No infection, no pain, just a little puffy which we can have removed later at any point...we are good for now!

Now one more thing I hope to blog is what I observed on classroom noise as a sub teacher. Maybe tomorrow if I get a chance. Must go out and supervise the garden tilling!


leah said...

Shower gel in the pool, lol! That frog is huge- we get little frogs and a few toads here, but most aren't that big, lol.

I'm glad Gage's scar is just a keloid and not an infection!

rouchi said...

Brook has started to look like a big girl!! she is real brave as Prisha would probably never go near a frog, maybe b'coz we never see them around our place.I hope Gage's swelling goes away and am glad it is just a keloid. His electrodes are shut off, does it affect his hearing?So how does that compensate? I really hope all of them are turned on and the reason is sorted out.TC.