Thursday, February 11, 2010

He's laughing at your implant...

I've been subbing a good bit this week at the school where my kids go. I am so glad I do this part time because I get to see things unfold, and happen before my very eyes and I can help my kids respond appropriately when needed (one kid needs all the help she can get! lol). So one day as I lined the kindergartners up for the buses along w/my two tagging along, Brook begins to giggle and points to Gage and says, "He's laughing at your implant." I look down and see an adorable small, chubby cheeked child wearing a puzzled look, pointing to Gage's ears and saying, "What is it?" Gage had not even heard the child, the noise level was quite high at time as you can imagine...end of a school day. I promptly responded and said to Gage, "He's not laughing, he's just asking you what it is." I look at the little guy and tell him that it's just like Brook's, it's an implant to help him hear." And we loaded the buses...end of that.
I later explained to B that just because someone asks her a question does not mean they are making fun, she needs to answer questions or the person will find answers from someone else, and they may receive an answer that isn't true. Gage is usually pretty good at this already but I stepped in because Brook was about to create a situation when it was unnecessary. Had they came home and told me this story, I would have likely believed someone was laughing at them, come to find out my other deaf, ci kid was the only one in be continued, I'm sure.
*on the plus side, I have gotten more 'yes mams' at home since I've been at the school more, loving a little respect!


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You are such a good mama- it is good to teach kids that not everyone means offense and that most questions are genuine curiosity.

I love the "yes, mams!" We don't get those up here, sadly. Must be a Southern thing!