Sunday, February 21, 2010

attached to her broomstick

Brook was on broom duty yesterday as the kids tried to earn last minute ca$h before our trip to town. I hear her say,"hey, my coil keeps sticking to the broom!" I had not even noticed the broom handle was metal. She then found herself attached to my mom's front door when she and her cousin leaned up against it. She just smiled and put her coils back on, returning to a world of sound.

I wondered why Gage asked me the other night as we were going to bed, "when are you gonna wash some clothes?" I looked at the laundry and said, "Well, I guess in the morning, there's just not a lot there, I washed it all today, why?"
He giggles and goes to bed...
The next morning, I once again avoided heart failure when I opened my washer at five a.m. and found this...

He is doing so great on his medicine!! He's talking non stop but staying on subject (fantastic) he's still eating well even though loss of appetite is a side effect, so proud of little man. He's been a little emotional the past two days but he did that at first when he began the meds last time, by morning when he returns to school after the weekend off, he should be good to go.
And here's some advice, if anyone tells you, your deaf kid talks too much (I get this often, lol) smile and say, "aww, thank you!!" Because we worked hard for EVERY SINGLE WORD, each one is a blessing not a nuisance! (except for the back talk!) Right now our biggest challenge is having them listen first before they speak to see if anyone else is talking, we have an issue w/the kids interrupting (guess all kids do that, lol). It's funny how we worry they'll never say a word like Mama ('cause somehow they always seem to say Dada first!!), then sometimes we secretly wish after we've heard Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama, so many times in a row, we wish they would just use the word Daddy!! And when they don't, you send them over to their grandparents or an aunt for a while, haha. And then when they get back and say "Mama" you can smile and say, "aww, thank you."


leah said...

The fake spider in the washing machine would have given me a heart attack! Good news on the meds helping Gage again- hopefully this time the dosage will be 'just right' and you won't have to mess with it again.

Those words are definitely hard-earned. They make you smile (even when you're gritting my teeth because the chosen words weren't the nicest ones, lol)!

ann said...

I am very proud of everyone of my Grandkids(all 5)!When you live in a house without kids you will get a little nervous, but when some have a hard time learning to hear and speak you should(and I do) Love every word no matter how loud it is!

Val said...

and it gets extremely LOUD at your house when all five are there...the good thing about being a grandparent you know for a fact their visits are limited and you get to have looonnnng breaks in between....our breaks are quite short but we love it when grandparents/aunts whoever do relieve us for a while...we had a whole troop to help us out last night. Hard to believe that one day, the kids will barely speak to us, so we'd better enjoy it while we can, we're lucky if we even get a 'hello' from the teenagers of the bunch!

And on a side note, as I corrected Brook yesterday for talking painfully loud in the car yesterday she says, "WELL, I DON'T HAVE AN INSIDE VOICE!!!" haha