Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eyes and Ears

Last week I broke one of Gage's processors and due to freezing/snowy weather we just got the replacement in yesterday. When I replaced his backup he said it was awfully quiet. He had been wearing a backup processor since the incident which was running an old set of programs since Mom forgot to bring those things to our last mapping appt. Long story short, that one was fine but after a Ling check (he got them all but not confidently) and some other random babble (which he missed them all in high frequencies and a few in the low), it was determined we need mapping on that right ear, his left seemed fine! So we go on Friday to take care of that.
Now on to Brooklyn...got a call yesterday from school, B was crying, her glasses were broken. Well, not completely broken just unwearable, a screw fell out and a lens wouldn't stay in, and w/little Miss Drama  Brooklyn, when in doubt, cry...just like her Mama used to be, lol. So I checked the little tot out to go for repairs. On the way she says, "Mama, I'm not talking to 'M' anymore, I can't hear her and she's too quiet." I asked her if she had maybe tried telling the little girl that she can't hear as well as some kids do and ask her if she could repeat herself and speak up a little bit. Brook had done none of that but just decided to not speak to the little girl instead, so hopefully she'll take my advice and just ask for repeats or ask her to speak up some. It seems to be this one particular child so I'm guessing her volume isn't as loud as the other kids or Brook would complain about them all.

Now on to report cards, Brook got all S's which is like an A in Kindergarten. She had one N last report card but this time she had no Needs to Improves!YAY B!
Gage, let me just list his grades, keep in mind, I know he did okay last time but if you know him and his potential, it was not at all up to his level and this was pre ADHD medicine. Compare his grades to this time where some areas came up more than 10 points!!! He's doing so good on his medicine and he knows it! I mean the kid is 8 and do things like this!
The first grade will be from last report card and the other is what he made this report card medicated.

  • language      81     vs.     98
  • reading        75     vs.     87
  • spelling      100     vs.    100
  • social studies  99   vs.     92
  • math           78     vs.     93   and it got harder!
  • science        81      vs.    94
  • conduct        79     vs.    96        oh yea!!!!
Big improvement, now that's more like the little man's potential!!!  And on a note about reading, he hates it, I'm surprised he got that good, he guesses mostly since he told me he really don't read those books they are supposed to in class!! What am I gonna do w/that child?

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