Wednesday, December 9, 2009

to the Res-Q

Got a call this morning shortly after taking the kids to school from Nurse A saying neither child had any tape for their processors and Brook needed some. She went to change her batteries (w/brother Gage supervising, lol) and realized she had no more tape at school. Mama came to the Res Q and brought more...for each kid. It's bad when you take an "ear" off and can't stick it back on....and even though she has average ears (unlike Gage) she HAS to tape, can't stand it w/out it!

I have a cold, so as my husband recommended, I go back to bed for a brief nap! Ahhh, something about an old black and white matinee that'll knock ya right out.

(she'll hate me one day for this)

I get to sub for Gage's class in the morning, he's so excited. I told him the first thing I'd do is sing that Jason Aldean song he despises lets me sing in the car...the one that makes him nervous when we approach his school each morning, the one that always makes him notice his surroundings and say things like "Mama I think one of my friends is in that car!!  He might see you!!"  I know how proud he is of my singing voice so that is first on my list, right after spelling! Let ya know how it goes...


Jennifer said...

Val, where do you get that tape? We use toupee tape but I can only find it at one store in our area. I never saw this one before.

Val said...

Walmart's sewing dept. it's just over 2.00 per roll