Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Why would I take on a fundraiser, at Christmastime, when money is tight for almost everyone...because it's especially hard for non-profits right now...

Why would a band like Todd Simpson and Mojo Child, be willing to perform a concert and let an organization like The Children's HEAR Center gain from the proceeds...because they know that little deaf and hard of hearing kids are asking Santa for things like, cd's, ipods, drums, guitars, because they love music ...

How is it a deaf child can do this?

...because no one told her she couldn't!

and why does he like 'games' like this?

...because he loves a good challenge

If you are in AL and want to attend this charity concert to help deaf/hoh kids like mine, here's where you'll find all the information! click here They are accepting monetary donations as well and you'll find out where to send those from the link above.

Why will I be at the concert Jan 9, 2010?
 by the time I spend two weeks at home w/these two kids, I'll be ready for a night out...with people over the age of 8.  *smile*

As always, thank you Children's HEAR Center for helping my deaf kids hear, thank you for giving them a voice to sing in the shower, thank you for giving them opportunities, and thank you for giving them independence. Also thank you Todd Simpson who has also overcome obstacles and learned to play instruments by ear, when his dyslexia confused print...and thank you to Wes for handing your child (Todd) that harmonica a few years ago, we are all looking forward to enjoying your music on Jan 9. And thank you Alabama Power who has always supported Children's Hospital and for gladly helping in funding for our event as well, families all around are grateful for your generosity. Finally, thank you Tom Williams Lexus who immediately agreed to help fund this event and for taking time to "talk shop" with a little 8 year old deaf child. Get your tickets now (go to Jan 9, 2010 to order), we expect them to go fast!

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Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

I love you and your spectacularly brilliant kids. Go GIRL!!!!