Tuesday, November 3, 2009

.......um, I couldn't read in Kindergarten!

Just so we're all clear, I could not read in Kindergarten. I learned my alphabet, I learned rules of the classroom, I learned to play with other children, I learned to color...but I did not learn to read. Brook, is already reading, Gage did as well. This is three months into the school year and wow, I'm shocked. This is without her glasses too! We went to have them(her glasses) adjusted last night and they accidentally broke her specs so we are getting new ones on Wed afternoon. Just before I started filming she had sentences with words like school in them, to me this is astonishing...not to even mention the fact that the child is deaf! So this goes to show you how much they CAN and SHOULD be getting out of public school education!


Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

WOW! Val, she's amazing!

leah said...

WOW! Kids just blow me away sometimes- reading in kindergarten, and only three months after school started! Amazing!

I also love the way Gage helped her figure out the word "cats." Instead of just giving the word to her, he gave her a hint with "meow." What a clever teacher! Must take after his mom, lol!

lbre969903 said...

I love watching your videos of the kiddos and their accent is so cute. So proud of B for reading and so quickly. Evan has started to read and it is so amazing how quickly they grow up!