Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas in the air

Here is the stocking cloud the kids found one morning on the way to school and I reminded them that we couldn't be buying anymore toys til after Christmas, and this was Santa's little reminder.

We put our tree up this morning and love the language/speech opportunities. So far today we've corrected the word 'ormamets' to the correct term ornaments while changing last years 'hookers' (lol) to ornament hooks. So many seasonal words we'll work into our vocab and language opportunities we'll take advantage of again this year such as mistletoe, reindeer names, fun little Christmas songs, and the list goes on and on and on. It's funny how this year Gage's list is so detailed as opposed to Lego's he's named exactly in detail what he wants. Guess what else is on his list (at the top of the list as a matter of fact)...several thrift store toys that he can take apart and use as parts for his customized creations. Only my kid would want thrift store toys for Christmas, lol. He also made Brook's list out and she named things like house shoes, and I also heard her say at one point, "okay that should be enough Gage" and there were only like five things listed, wow aren't we lucky?

**update: I just viewed those lists, we are not lucky, Gage has also a TV and a mini-fridge on his list?? lol...but it's mostly stuff like silly string, frisbees, door knob for his bedroom (he removed his) and also when I questioned the "screwless kitchen" on Brook's list he replied, "well, I wouldn't take it apart if it didn't have screws"


leah said...

A mini-fridge? Hahaha! I hope you are able to find lots of thrift store toys that can be dismantled for him.

And Brook is smart to request a toy that Gage CAN'T take apart!

Shehuntstoo said...

this was pricless..hookers, minifridges, screwless kitchens, if I didn't know better :)
Enjoy all those language opportunities!

Heather and Jesse :)