Sunday, September 20, 2009

the weekend

In case you wonder what the Cochlear Kids do when it rains........

My mother calls me a terrible blogger. Apparently I'm not blogging as much as I used to so I'm trying to be less neglectful. It's just that the kids are in school and with me less, so I have less inspiration with them not around. Today, we walked up to the cabin to clean out the fire pit so the fellas could gather around it tonight for their weekly "camp out"(the adult fellas). This field is what separates out house and the cabin so yes, we are very "Little House on the Prairie" here. Brook is my little writer, she never goes anywhere without her pens and paper. I bet you she has written at least three hours today alone!

This week is the Southern Women's Show and I'll be at the Cochlear booth on Thurs. and Fri. Brook takes her first field trip on Thurs. and I hate it I can't go but they are basically just taking a tour (walking) around our one horse town. I know they will take excellent care of her and they know she can't hear as good as everyone else so I'm confident she'll keep with group. (There's not even a red light in this town so traffic is of little concern) They will be taking full advantage of all the language opportunities the town has to offer. The teacher tells me they will get locked in a jail cell, I asked her if we could pay extra for them to keep her (only kidding!) They will get to hold a thousand dollars at the bank and eat at a small diner before heading back to school.

The kids told me today that I needed my mapping done, simply because I didn't follow ALL of their orders. Have a great week!

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leah said...

I think we need more land, so we can get ATV's and send the kids out in the mud! LOVE that, lol!