Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bullet Updates

Not a whole lot going on here.....actually I've been very busy getting some things together to try and help the hearing impaired kiddos here in Alabama (all details later, I have many irons in the fire right now).

Gage's surgery is scheduled for October 9 to have the little thing removed from his face. Yay!

Gage's ADHD is beyond manageable anymore. He's went to school several times w/shoes and no socks, even though I hand him his shoes and socks and repeat the instructions several times, he gets distracted and forgets to put the socks on, then we get to school and he's embarrassed w/no socks. Bless his heart and his grades are going down! He's brought home three D's which is so not like him and he can't focus on anything long enough to complete any task. His hyperness is still the same (he has his motor running full speed at all times) but his ability to concentrate or focus is just gone. I'm calling the doctor next week to discuss medications to see if any may work for him.

He does get bored with school work since the first six weeks are all for review. We will take him in the next couple of weeks to meet the doctor who will do his IQ testing to see if he's considered "gifted" or just plain smart. That will help us with school. School can test him but we got insurance approval to do more comprehensive testing so we look forward to that.

His hearing is still great and he didn't even need many adjustments the last mapping session he had. I still have hope that he will be able to go ever three months or so in the future and not go monthly like he had to do with his old ci. He loves country music now but still listed AC/DC as his favorite group on a school worksheet. He loves it when a singer says a bad word like d#m* or a$$. He can hear those little words in the song and giggles like a silly girl when hears them. Boys .

Brook goes to the eye doctor on Monday to have her vision screened for the first time. She refuses to sit any farther than 2-3 feet from the tv. I know she sees well close up but I'm not so sure about her distance vision...?

And if you haven't visited Bama Ears in a while, click here....there are several new stories up.

And as far as the October Challenge, still only down a couple of pounds...eight weeks to go, I gotta really work hard(er).


leah said...

I feel for you, Val- dealing with the ADHD must be much harder for Gage (and for his teachers, and for you) than anything else. I'm sure you guys will come up with a good plan to get him back on track! It is hard to see your child work so hard and then struggle, and then you can't tell what is the biggest contributor to the problem (gifted? ADHD? Hearing?).

Good luck with Brook's vision appointment! Our pediatrician does screenings at the age of 4, I think. Its a good thing to get that checked out since vision can affect schoolwork, too!

tammy said...

We're going through the whole ADHD testing right now too with K ... I saw first hand this summer just how frustrated she gets as I tried to work with her. She says her "brain just doesn't work" and thinks she's stupid, which she is FAR from. I hate it for her. But we're doing other testing before medication (IQ and cognitive). Why as a teacher it was so much easier for me to say, "yes, I definitely see how the medication helps", but now that it's my child, I hate the thought of it. Ugh. Good luck with Gage. Hope you find the right solution that works for your little man!

Tiffany C. said...

Val after spending much of the summer fighting insurance and doctors about Brayden's ADHD again, we went back on the diet. He's doing great with his behavior and attention. I don't know how you would feel about trying a diet to control Gage's ADHD, but if you're intrested I can send you some info. I honestly can say Brayden is better on the diet than he ever was when he was on the ADHD meds. I'm intrested to know what the docs say since Gage is able to tell them himself what's going on in his little mind. I wish Brayden could. Good luck!

Diane said...

Hi Val. I feel like I know you because I read your blog. I have an almost 3 yr old son with bi-lateral implants. Anyway, Reliv is a product you might be interested in for Gage's ADHD. It is an all natural supplement that has really been helping kids with ADHD. Go to to find out more if you are interested. I hope this helps. :) Thanks for all you do as an advocate for kids with hearing loss.