Friday, August 28, 2009

Reading Lips

First, I got another call from the principal today......ugh! We are working on B's behavior which is good for the most part, she only got one check mark this week!! but then she can snap and uh oh! We will work on the issues at hand and keep her in her seat, hands to herself, and be respectful! But tonight...a funny story. I know Gage is an awesome speech reader, however his skills become compromised as he hears better and better with his new ci's. I've also noticed a bigger difference in his speech the minute he removes them. I guess going months with no hearing I got accustomed to the missing R's and such but now when he takes his ci's off, his speech is a little slower, slurred at times almost like he says things but loses confidence at the end of his sentences. He still speaks perfectly but he feels less assured I think. So Mommy's noticed! Anyway, tonight I was watching the end of "The Lake House" since I've watched the whole thing before but I have never seen the last 30 min. It was on the Oxygen channel and when I told him what I was watching (post shower, no ci's) he said, "oh, okay". I assumed he got it. Then he says "why does it say this?" and pointed to the ad in the bottom corner that encouraged me to watched "Dance Your A** Off" ! haha, I showed him I was watching The Lake House by putting the title on the screen and he says "Oh, I thought you said Lady Cows, not Lake House." Just goes to shows, speech reading is hit and miss !! (Can you believe I'm mid thirty's and having to defend my obviously monitored TV time!)

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leah said...

I can see how "lady cows" and "Lake House" look the same. Speech reading helps, but isn't as good as hearing the words, lol!