Monday, August 3, 2009

and the countdown is on......

SIX MORE DAYS!!!!!! School, school, school. I've been calling Brook "Kindergartener" trying to get used to the whole idea...she doesn't want to go. She says "But what if I do something I'm not supposed to and I get in trouble..." I just told her that she'll learn the rules (and likely try to break everyone of them!) Gage's first year of big school was disasterous, I got phone calls almost weekly so I'm hoping that she learns them sooner than he did. I feel like Gage will do fine being only four months post activation. He still says "what and huh?" but alot of that is habit, alot of it is not. I'm hoping when he gets his FM system set up the second week of school, he'll be able to hear much easier over the background noise which is his biggest issue...but you mention under your breath that you're about to go to Wal Mart and he'll hear you three rooms away and come out with his socks/shoes, ready to roll! I'm confident he'll do well behavior wise though, he's maturing (some).

Here are some pictures from our weekend, Gage had some little "hotties" as he called them come visit. Brooklyn missed out, she had spent the night with my mom but noticed all of her babies had on different clothes upon her return the next morning...hehe. Anyway they had a ball and so did the adults. Also some pictures from today's visit with Cousin Ethan, even though he didn't feel very good, he had an earache...poor fellow.

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