Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nothin' Goin' On

Other than the kids needing mapping, which we go on Tues for that....both kids, four ears in one appt. But hey, it was my choice to try...we'll see how that goes. Anyway, aside from the constant "what? huh?" they are having a ball so far being out of school. They are playing in their cabin and riding bikes and talk-talk-talking (I love their imaginations). I'm about to go hoe some more in the garden (after I drink my pot of coffee!) and we are getting used to the idea of living on a dirt we don't go anywhere...unless we have to! We have peaches, and veggies are starting to grow and the kids are swimming everyday. (No they don't need life vests in that pool they just like them) I'm still reading "The Shack", this one makes me nervous but I'm loving it, I read just a few pages a day....we are so busy doing nothing it's great! I have several stories I should be writing for Bama Ears but that won't take long, I can do them this weekend.


leah said...

Those peaches look GOOD! Gotta love those warm summer days!

Marsel said...

"Nothing going on" is the best part of summer, isn't it?!

Shelleyrae33 said...

Hey, I just ran across your blog. My 8 month old son is profoundly deaf and we are in the process of finding out if he's a CI canidate. Your children give me hope!

God bless,

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Do your children go completely without sound when they swim or do you come up with an alternative? If they swim without their CI, how long do they get to swim a day? Did you let them do the same when they were first implanted? Did it affect their therapies or speech?

Thanks so much for any responses you desire to give. We are looking at our first summer with CIs and completely unsure what to do about water!